Read all about it…

My 3-step storytelling process.

I believe every business owner has a fascinating story to tell.

And it’s this that will help you connect and engage with your customers more than anything else you do for your business.

Finding your voice and the personality you want to portray will help you show up with confidence and elevate every single piece of content you put out into the world.

So, before I even begin to think about putting pen to paper I’ll be reverting to my journo ways and doing lots of digging.

But don’t worry, no scandal or sleaze here, just lots of juicy nuggets to help create compelling copy your audience will love to read.

I uncover what your existing clients love about you – and use this to attract even more of them.

How it works

My 3-step process won’t just provide you with excellent copy but an all-round understanding of your target audience and what makes them tick, which you can then use to inform every aspect of your marketing.

1. The detective work

Before I write a single word we’ll dig deep into your business, your competitors and your clients.

I’ll kick things off by sending you a questionnaire which will give you a chance to tell me about your business and what you’re hoping to achieve. We’ll then go through this in detail during a follow-up call.

After this, the curious journalist side of me comes out.. I’ll look at what your competitors are doing, analyse the interactions on your social media and speak to your customers to find out what they love about you.

2. The writing

Once I’ve gathered all my research findings I’ll sit down and start the writing process, working out how to maximise each and every word.

3. The reveal

You’ll get to see your shiny new copy for the first time

Once you’ve taken the time to look over it we’ll have another call to go through it in detail and incorporate your feedback.

All my packages include up to two rounds of revisions just in case, so there’ll be plenty of time to make any final tweaks, if needed.