It all started with the arrival of a sex shop in a sleepy Suffolk town…

Capturing the local residents’ outrage earned me my very first front-page headline and from that moment on I’ve been hooked.

Hooked on the power of seeing my words in print, and the power they have to make people feel things.

Whether that’s fury (as above. This one doesn’t happen as often these days I promise!), pride in your new homepage, the confidence to go out and get the business you truly deserve, or happiness when you land a dream customer.

Nothing makes me happier than working with nice people doing good things – and delivering a great job for them.

In the two decades since that first front-page scoop I’ve been lucky enough to be able to make my living out of writing, first as a journalist and more recently in the world of public relations.

I’ve interviewed everyone from politicians to Peter Andre and I’ve worked on newspapers across the country, including stints on nationals like The Mirror.

More recently I worked in NHS communications where I had the privilege of telling the stories of some of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met.

Since leaving the NHS to go freelance I’ve written content for a wide range of businesses and public sector organisations, from coaches, architects and interior designers to founders and entrepreneurs.

I’ve also trained in conversion copywriting and SEO.

But what does this all mean?

The words you get from me don’t just sound nice, they’re backed up with almost 20 years of journalism, PR and marketing experience, which means they’re pretty powerful at getting people to take action.

When I’m not writing I’m mostly toddler-wrangling, hanging out in the park or eating cake, often all three at the same time.

Want to chat or send cake?

“Sarah is an amazing writer. Being an ex-journalist, she knows how to write copy that gets attention and delivers action.

“I reached out to her after reading one of her articles and being taken aback by her story-telling skills.

“She’s helped write all sorts of copy (web, blogs, PR, social) for my clients.

“I send her my brief and she turns it into something brilliant. Her copy is always on point, engaging and persuasive. I’d 100% recommend her.”

Emmeline Woodward | Managing Director, Co-creation Marketing