Experiments in iPhoneography

Aside from a few trips out around Christmas (the results of which you can see here), my camera has been somewhat neglected lately.

What with moving house, starting a new job, and spending most weekends doing some sort of DIY, photography’s taken a bit of a back seat. When I have been taking pictures they tend to have been quick snaps on my iPhone.

It was only the other day when I was researching presents for a fellow amateur photographer, that I realised iPhoneography was even a thing, but turns out I’d been doing it all this time without even realising.

The below pictures are a selection of some of my best. Most have had no editing, others have Instagram filters applied, but all of them were spontaneous snaps, taken when I saw something of interest, which is surely the beauty of this type of picture.

I’ve put several of them on my Instagram account (SMATTHEWS81) under the OurNottingham hashtag – something that the Nottingham Post started. It’s well worth a look as there are now more than 350 pictures on there, taken by photographers all over the city.

In the meantime here’s a selection of my best. I plan to continue developing my iPhone camera skills in 2014 but have also decided to join a local camera club, so hopefully the SLR will be back in full swing in the weeks to come!


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