Marvellous Malaga and Mijas

Malaga church

There was a common theme when I told people I was going to Malaga.

Slightly forced smiles and an ‘Oh, I’m sure it will be lovely’, followed by a look that really said ‘I’m sure it won’t be lovely at all. Why would anyone want to go there?’

Because I think we were all thinking the same. Malaga means Costa Del Sol, which means high rise hotels, sunburn, hankies on heads, string vests, and fish and chip shops on every corner. Right?


Turns out it is a beautiful city with an amazing old town at its heart, great shops, a maze of meandering pedestrianised streets, grand squares and a magnificent old fort.

It is also home to some very special bars and restaurants, and very tasty tapas.

And just an hour away are some of Spain’s prettiest pueblos blancos or ‘white towns’ like Mijas, where we spent a great afternoon.

We visited because we have a friend who lives out there, and because we were desperate for some sunshine, but had no real expectations.

In the end we loved it so much we’ve already booked flights to go back again in June.

Here are a few photos that show why I loved it so much:

Malaga building close-up

Malaga church2

Gin measures Malaga-style

Gin measures Malaga-style

Unusual sculptures in one of the city's parks

Unusual sculptures in one of the city’s parks

Malaga beach

malaga sardines

The white houses of Mijas

The white houses of Mijas

The rock church at Mijas

The rock church at Mijas

Mijas christ

Mijas flowers


3 thoughts on “Marvellous Malaga and Mijas

  1. Yes indeed – Malaga is a beautiful city, so ignored by many tourists who only visit the outskirts to catch their flights!

    It seems to me that the people who gave you a “knowing look” before your trip have only experienced the high-rise hotels and string vests. Where I live, east of Malaga, it’s nothing like that – it’s very Spanish, but that’s why I live here.

    I hope when you return to Malaga province in June you will explore many of the beautiful white villages east of Malaga, too 🙂

    • Hi Marianne,
      Thanks for your comment. We’re planning to go to Granada and Seville when we come back to Andalucia, and maybe Ronda – although have heard mixed reports. If you have any recommendations for other places to visit that’d be great.

      • Granada, Seville and Ronda are all lovely cities – you might also like Cordoba, it’s certainly one of my favourites.

        I’d love you to visit some of the lovely towns and villages to the east of Malaga, too, including Nerja, Frigiliana, Comares and my home village of Competa.

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